Ceroc Champs Competitor Booking Form

Competitor Booking Welcome Box

Use the following application process if you are a competitor who wishes to compete in the South West Ceroc Championships.

If you are NOT competing but wish to ONLY purchase a Entry tickets to the event, please click here.

We are still accepting bookings for competitors although we have limited capacity.

Note: If your dance partner has already included you on their application to enter various categories, then you DO NOT have to do anything further so long as your booking partner has also purchased your entry ticket too. However, if at a later stage you decide to enter additional categories with the same or a different partner or enter Lucky Dip and/or Top Cat\'s, then you will need to apply again/separately.

Please enter the TOTAL number of competitors for this application (Max 10).

Competitor Entry Ticket Buying Process
  1. Enter the total number of competitors required for this application & click 'Continue'.
    Note: At ALL times, when an application is submitted, you are regarded as the applicant who informs us what categories you wish to take part in together with your chosen partners if applicable.
  2. Enter competitors details, select if Lucky Dip and/or Top Cat's category are required for each partner and select any other categories & click 'Continue'.
  3. At this stage you will have the opportunity to amend your order. When you are satisfied, click 'Complete Payment...'. You will be directed to PayPal who will collect your payment securely.
Competitor Entry Ticket Rules

An application must contain all partners details associated with each category selected. Applications will be rejected if partners details are omitted.

In addition, each competitor will be required to purchase an Entry Ticket for admission to the complete event. If an Entry Ticket has already been purchased, you will be required to provide booking reference details from Paypal.

Note: This application process does NOT provide for multiple application submissions, e.g. where the applicant\'s partner(s) is required as a partner for another applicant. A separate application must therefore be submitted.

Competitor Entry Ticket dispatching

All wristbands and Dance numbers can be collected on the day from the check in desk.

Should you have any questions please contact us by email at exeter@ceroc.com or call 07964 337407.

Guidance for completing the Competitor Entry Ticket

If you are not sure of the Total number of competitors for your application, then please read below for advice and suggestions.

If you are simply entering a category such as Lucky Dip and/or Top Cat's which do not require a partner, you will ONLY want to specify ONE competitor for your application above. If you are entering categories such as Intermediates or ProAm and others with partner(s), then you will need to calculate how many competitors there are in total for your application and then enter this number in the box above.